DAVOVI Expert Matching Service

Use DEMS to connect and collaborate with domain expert vendors. DEMS team reviews and recommends the best-matched vendors based on your application.

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DAVOVI Expert Matching Service (DEMS) Process

Follow the simple steps and get our analyst team to recommed you with the qualified vendors shortlist based on your technology needs

1. Submit Application

Tell you about your requirement in detail .

2. We analyse your application

Our team will review your application in detail.

3. Get Vendors recommended

We share you vendor shortlist matching your need.

Experienced match matching experts

Experts from each of our business category will assist you in finding most suitable vendors against your technology needs.

Most effective way to vendor engagement

You will receive the shortlist of potential vendors matched based on your requirements, within two business days. 

Who can use Our Expert Matching Services ?

Any enterprise technology buyers or companies who are looking for high-quality expert vendors for their project needs can use DEMS. Our expert matching service helps them to connect with the list of domain expert vendors.

- Personalised match making services

- Reliable, fast and most importantly free service for buyers

- Meet the qualified vendors at your doorstep against all your technology needs. 

Apply for DAVOVI Expert Matching Service today and smartly connect with the vendors for your technology needs

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