Post RFP (Request For Proposal)

Post your buying request on the platform and enable the right vendors to connect with you based on your buying criteria. It's easiest and smarter way to share your sourcing requests.

Create RFP

Request for Proposal (RFP) Process

Follow the simple steps and get competitive quotes from the potential vendors against your need.


Enter your buying request using RFP form in detail.

2. Get Quotes and Compare Vendors

Receive quotes, responses from the vendors.

3. Choose the best Vendor and Finalise

Contact, negotiate and close the deal with vendor.

Its Easy, Effective and Efficient

- Get more competitive quote from vendors
- Evaluate shortlisted vendors, compare prices and terms of quote
- Choose the best vendor based on the credentials 
- Negotiate and close deals
- Execute the project on time 

Real-time RFP status, Analytics and Information

- Get information of interested vendors who have accessed and seen your buying requests on the platform
- Edit and extend your RFP response deadline, incase haven't received enough responses from vendors within the mentioned date 
- Deactivate or drop the posted RFP before the mentioned deadline incase you have received more vendor quotes too early

Dashboard, Tools and Data

Your free dashboard upon sign up comes in with creative tools and analytics supported by the data related to all your account activities, which includes

- Information on enquiry post shared directly with the vendors 
- Buying requests posted on the platform using RFP service 
- Product enquiry shared with the vendors
- Your Reviews and experience shared on the vendors
- Application lists submitted using Expert Matching Service


Most of the technology buying companies use our RFP service to connect with competitive vendors. Try it now, Its free

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