For each enterprise customer you refer that successfully registers and posts his valid buying request through Post RFP, you will receive upto INR 1500 DAVOVI credits.

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What is DAVOVI Associate Program ?

DAVOVI associate program is a new digital initiative specially designed for the field sales representatives and the enterprise peer community. It gives an unique opportunity for all to earn cash by simply referring to a friend or a known source working in any organization who are looking out for specilised vendors pertaining to their technology infrastructure needs be it any hardware, software or services. Once the referred person registers and shares his valid buying request on the platform, the referee gets a commission in the form of DAVOVI credits.

Program aims to create a WIN-WIN situation for the whole ecosystem, right from the company, referrer, referee to the vendor as a whole. The referrer gets his commission, the referee gets qualified vendors and quotes for the requested products or services, the vendor gets opportunity to quote for his business and DAVOVI as a platform, facilitates matchmaking between both buyer and vendor.

More details related to the program is available on our FAQ section.

How does this Program Works ?


Once your application gets approved, login to your dashboard and start generating referrals


Refer friend or source in an organisation to start posting valid RFP against their needs


For every RFP the referee posts through your shared link you'll earn DAVOVI credits to encash

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