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The story behind making

Here is a modest reeling to DAVOVI’s making, its shared vision, values and the experiences that brought us to what we are today, and the ones that persuade us to what’s next

Figuring out the need

A right prospect for a business could be hard to find, especially when it’s for a small business. Back in 2008, our founder Shivanesh, while working as sales personnel at a small size firm was in a similar stance discovering an answer while running for prospects and leads. There started his search to figure out the need

An intense story to share here

Working with big companies like Siemens and Kramer didn’t provide him an answer either. His sore feet, route-less search with no proper channel to pick the right prospect continued to haunt him. It wasn’t an issue for him alone, rather he inferred that the entire ICT ecosystem had no proper online resource channel to reach out to an expert vendor, manufacturer, distributor, integrator, service provider and re-seller. Requirements flooded, but lack of access prevailed. An engagement platform for both technology buyers and vendors was the need of the hour. This naivety loomed bigger in him day by day.

The leap of faith

Fueled by the want, and with a mix of optimism, determination, and banking on his credit card completely, thus began DAVOVI in Jan 2016, catering to the "bigger community” out there, an ICT enterprise connect. It was christened DAVOVI resonating the prime protocol the ICT technologies fundamentally counted on data,voice, and video.

Who We Are

We optimize the buying and selling scenario of businesses involved in the Information and Communication Technology Industry. We create a marketplace that bridges the buyers and vendors of ICT products, solutions, and services, thereby aiming at a seamless process for all the stakeholders. Beyond meeting the technology requirements, we offer a lucrative opportunity for vendors to find their potential buyers in the most efficient manner using our platform. With us is a huge network of vendors, who serve as the one-stop solution for all ICT products and services including laptops, network equipment, server, enterprise security, software, internet marketing, web development, cloud computing, video conferencing, pro audio-video and much more. Buyers would ultimately find everything on our digital platform, triggering a faster, efficient and cost-effective purchase.

Our online supplier networks with digitized buyer-seller match making tools have won us several accolades in the industry. High-quality products, solutions, and services are only a click away with our B2B platform. All you need is to explain your needs, browse proposals, and choose the most suitable vendor of your choice. Make a diligent move towards efficiency by opting for an online ICT marketplace like ours, now.

Our Vision

We would like to turn around business experience by bringing all facets of the ICT marketplace online, creating a single platform bringing together buyers and service providers to do business commerce and thrive in the expanding opportunities.