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Last Updated 31/08/2019

  • What is DAVOVI ?
  • DAVOVI is world first and only marketplace created online for the information and communications technology industry which brings together both enterprise buyers and the vendors on single platform for doing business commerce.
  • How can the enterprise buyers register with DAVOVI ?
  • Registration with DAVOVI as buyer is very simple. Please follow the below simple steps for completing the registration process. Step 1. Enter required information in the Sign up page. Step 2. Confirm mobile OTP ( Mobile verification). Step 3. Activate the verification link from registered mail id ( Email account verification). Step 4. Sign into the account and fill in the profile information. Buyers account is now active to use all the services.
  • How do i leave a review about vendors ?
  • You can leave a review on the vendor who has rendered services to your companies. Sign in to your account and enter the vendor's name you are looking for in the search bar or you can also search them by category search on which they have listed their services. Once you find their profile page, click on write a review button and share your feedback on their rendered services along with ratings. Incase you find it difficult to locate your vendors profile page for reveiw then request the vendors to share their profile link for sharing your valuable feedback.
  • In what ways DAVOVI can help the enterprise technology buyers ?
  • DAVOVI serves as, the one stop platform for all kinds of technology needs. Right from vendor discovery, product sourcing, quotes request, sharing vendors review to getting technology consultating for projects, all can be done on the platform.
  • How much does it charge ?
  • It is completing free for the enterprise buyers. Buyers can register their account by following few simple steps.