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Model :Comprehensive HCM Suite On-Cloud ( INR 99 Per User / Month)

\r\nTalentOZ on-the-Cloud solutions covers the lifecycle of Human Capital Management from Recruitment to Separation, (also called Hire-to-Retire Processes).\r\nThis includes both strategic and transactional aspects of HCM. The hallmark of TalentOZ is its tight integration across all the HCM Modules.


TalentOZ on-the-Cloud solutions covers the lifecycle of Human Capital Management from Recruitment to Separation, (also called Hire-to-Retire Processes).
This includes both strategic and transactional aspects of HCM. The hallmark of TalentOZ is its tight integration across all the HCM Modules.

Organization Structure
TalentOz’s graphical organizational chart provides an integrated view of all information related to an employee.
• A powerful keyword search: that provides access to a 360 degree view of the employee
• Provides both personal (name, address, contact details etc) and professional details (supervisor, department, role, competency etc).

Automate: Recruitment Processes
TalentOz recruitment is industry’s most comprehensive solution covering all aspects of recruitment to offer process from simple to complex processes and helps automate and align recruitment processes with Business Goals.

Build, Maintain, and Manage: Employee Database & Profiles
TalentOz is designed to help you build an electronic warehouse of employee & HR data that can be maintained up to date by a highly efficient, standards compliant self-service platform.
Integrate your employee data with the company’s business operations and vision
Self-service: employees manage their own personal information with HR controls in place

Integrate: Payroll and Time & Attendance
Despite being on cloud, TalentOz can seamlessly integrate with your existing payroll and time and attendance systems to provide you a unified interface for HR processes.
Multi Modal Real Time T&A Data Capture – Web, XL, Offline, SSO, MSPS, Biometric HW, RFID HW. T&A
Bridge Software connector: links your current payroll, T&A Biometric/Hardware devices to the TalentOz Cloud Software.

Promote: Transparency through Leave Management
TalentOz lets you promote Transparency by empowering employees to plan their absence effectively over the cloud. In addition, employees and HR/Business get one integrated resource availability view.
Best Practice Leave Builder Admin Configurator: Create complex business leave rules.
Historical Data availability: With audit trails
Multi Modal Engagement: Through web, emails and mobile

Simplify: Claims & Reimbursements
TalentOz lets you manage complex administrative process such as claims & reimbursements effortlessly over the cloud. With the specially designed web interface ensuring smoother and quicker claims processing employees can claim items they are eligible for, and the eligibility amount based claims workflows ensure quick and correct processing.
Link CTC and Non CTC Claims: to Payroll Compliances engine to ensure unified pay outs.
Claim Balance Accruals: empower HR teams define which groups/teams get what eligibility,
Batch Tracker Reports: help track claims

Digitize: Employee Career Events
TalentOz helps you maintain a digital roster of key employee career events such as movements across roles, geographies, positions, projects, deputations etc.
Use our preconfigured templates: to create role/position/change intimation letters
Custom workflow engine: helps you create role specific movement plans
Identify Talent: with Competency & Certifications
TalentOz Competency Management System ensures clients meet their strategic objectives by maximizing the potential of their workforce. TalentOz Competency Management helps to identify in-house talents and nurture them effectively.
Industry acclaimed preloaded competency libraries: To create position profiles.
Self-service platform: Enables the employee to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses

Support Business Growth: with Learning & Development
TalentOz supports business growth by ensuring trained resources deliver highest productivity at work consistently through competency based needs analysis. Our scheduling engine helps organizational training schedules be planned and managed.
Dashboard View: of Training needs and analytics
Learning: Administration, Facilities Management, Attendance Tracker.Four levels of learning evaluation: improve learning effectiveness

Performance Management
TalentOz supports paperless appraisals that are transparent, effective and help you objectively rate performance of your staff. Use our inbuilt templates to quickly build and publish appraisal forms.
Custom Business Rules Configurator: modify chosen model to reflect business needs
Configurable Performance Appraisal Forms
Effective goal management by aligning business goals to departments and individual employees.

Talent Management
Attract, Retain, Motivate, and Manage: Talent
Drive a strategic end-to-end talent management strategy with a single, integrated system for all talent related activities. It also helps you create and maintain position led or competency led talent pools.
Reduce Risks: with Succession Planning
TalentOz Succession Planning Service helps organizations create succession plans that retain high potential leaders, build talent pools for business growth, and avoid disruptions caused by unplanned turnover.

Conduct Error-free: Separation
TalentOz ensures that employees get the benefit of error-free disengagement processes, a win-win situation for both – the organization and the employee.
Transparency: build off-boarding Transparency to ensure efficiency of dis-engagement
3 Scenario Separations: covers Resignations, Separations, Absconders Separation Portal: for each employee with exit interview support 

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