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  • No:1, Sixth Cross Street, Srilakshmi Nagar, Valasaravakkam, Chennai 600087
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Started in the year 1994, Rathna is a leading technology solutions and networking services provider who serves a broad range of clients and industries in and around Chennai.

Rathna's offers a wide range of commercial-off-the-shelf and rugged integrated information systems, networking tools and solutions, component products and advanced telecommunication networks to both commercial and government customers. We always bear in mind that every product has to ensure utmost satisfaction in terms of performance that translates into client delight. This is realized by creating an edge over others through constant innovation and up gradation.
Networking Design and Implementation
Rathna brings Harmony to the Promise of Technology by using its proven processes and procedures as well as its broad knowledge of existing and next generation network technology. We can quickly and accurately assess network situations, effectively diagnose current problems, and anticipate future needs. Rathna uses a flexible, engineering approach to meet customer's network needs. Rathna's delivery and implementation services are structured and managed to create a harmonious performance of process, tools, technology, and people.
Technology Consulting is in the business of serving companies in all areas of information technology. Our network engineers understand first-hand the importance of a company's network. As a network grows and becomes more complex, it is imperative that exceptional support is available. We provide that support in three main areas: network design, network management and network auditing services.
Network Design:
Rathna Network design services includes:
providing detailed analysis of bandwidth requirements, network speeds, interfaces and access; 
providing network technology expertise to optimize the latest technology communications, protocols and requirements; 
designing networks to support both open standards (TCP/IP) and proprietary systems; 
utilizing the most cost-effective network services, media, technologies, topologies and protocols, including private line, frame relay, DSL, and cellular/wireless; 
designing networks with very high availability, reliability and redundancy allowing for central and decentralized comprehensive network management capabilities based on open standards systems.
Network Management:
Rathna Network design services goes beyond traditional network management to embrace total distributed systems management (DSM), including the following components of the computing infrastructure: enterprise servers, network connectivity and components (wide area networks and local area networks), distributed application servers, local/workgroup servers, and desktop workstations.
The major distributed systems management disciplines include: fault management, performance management, capacity management, configuration management, back/recovery, software distribution.
Network Auditing Services:
In addition to offering traditional network services such as design and implementation, Rathna Network offers a portfolio of services that supports efficient, cost-effective maintenance and daily care of a customer's network. These services include: network audits and benchmarks, network price monitoring, network vendor interface management, network contract management, network request for proposal (RFP) generation and bid response management.
This way will allow you to concentrate on your core business strategy while at once providing you with greater controls and more accurate prediction of costs.
To support and serve our valued customers complex client-server applications and networking environments we have various products available for you, they are:
Structured Cabling Solutions
  Active Components
WAN Solutions
UPS Secondary Wiring




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