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About us: 

We wish to introduce ourselves as KUBHERA CABLES Pvt. Ltd (KCPL) Manufactures and dealers of all types of flexible (core) and armoured cables used in all kinds of applications and installation 

Our business activities are under Mr. Aalok Gaulechha, a second generation cable expert, who has played a vital role in the success of the organisation. His business acumen, excellent managerial qualities and foresightedness enabled KCPL in acquiring the support of huge clientele across our domain, South India.

The specialised product line from KCPL's stable are Flat Cable (ideal for Elevator and under water routing), 3+1 CCTV cable, CAT 6 cable,Fiber Optic cable, armoured or flexible, the list never ends. 


We can convert any indoor cable into an outdoor cable by giving a 'tough polymer' coating, an innovation and a boon to CCTV and Cable TV industry, as it withstands temperature and rodent attacks (mouse cutting). We transform all indoor cable to underground cable (UG cable) by providing GI wire shielding with hard PVC outer coating. 

We are quite sure that you re well aware of the features and importance of Armoured cable and it will not be good on my part to explain you about the Armoured cable but we can say that ARMOURED CABLES = ECONOMICAL + SAFETY & SECURITY + LONGEVITY + TOTAL MAINTENANCE FREE + LOW LABOUR INTENSIVE (NO need  to use Piping Structures).

Cable when Armoured becomes Water-proof, Tamper-proof (No Sabotage),  Air-Tight, Moister proof, Anti-Rodent (Mouse Cut) and there are many more benefits. 

The Armouring Wire i.e. GI Coated wire on the Main Core (Inner Core) gives Automatic Earthlings Solutions, and thus protection to not only Equipments but also to Human Life. 

We normally suggest our client to provide the Main Core (i.e. Flexible Cable) of their own choices e.g. Brand/Type as per the application or usability etc.

The types of cables which can be Armoured are like Electrical Cables, Instrumentation and Signaling Cable, Data Networking & computer Cables, CCTV, Fire Alarm Cables, Access Control , PA System, Telecom and all types  of Cables used for Outdoor and Critical Applications.

We Design Multi Application Armoured Cables to accommodate different types of Cables as normally routed through Conduit, as per Customer's Requirement giving more ease to a System Integrator while Installation. 

Our Expertise:

- We Customise cables to match your specifications

- It is possible to accommodate different types of cables into one single armoured cable with reliable security

- We can convert any indoor core cable into a sturdy outdoor cable by giving it a Tough Polymer Coating, ideal for CCTV/Access Controls






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